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20 Questions to Expect from a College Coach

Mon Oct 8, 2018 -
Whatever question you are answering: sit up straight, look the coach in the eye, give a firm handshake, and speak politely, clearly, and confidently. These may seem like small things but you would be surprised how much they can set you apart. A polished presentation can make all the difference in the world, especially to a coach who needs to gauge your character but doesn’t have much time to do it. What are your strengths as a player? Don’t be modest, but do be specific. “I can really see my blocks,” “m

Softball Recruiting Timelines

Thu Nov 2, 2017 -
Knowing what you should be doing at every point in your recruiting process is critical. As a softball player here are some general timelines you should be aware of. As a sophomore, you may receive brochures for camps and questionnaires and you can call the coach at your own expense ***A coach cannot call you***. Off-campus contact and official visits are not permitted but you can take as many unofficial visits as you’d like. As a junior, you can begin to receive recruiting material and information from th

How to get Recruited for Softball

Thu Nov 2, 2017 -
Pitchers  Division I              Velocity:  60+, 63 + top ERA: 1.0 or Less   Division II Velocity: 58+ ERA: 1.5   Division III Velocity: 55+ ERA: 2.0   Catchers Division I Pop Time: <1.8 Home to 1B: <3.0   Division II Pop Time: <1.9 Home to 1B: <3.1   Division III Pop Time: <2.0 Home to 1B: <3.2 Middle Infields Division I Home to 1B: 2.8 Stolen Bases: 10+   Division II Home to 1B: 2.9 Stolen Bases: 10+   Division III Home to 1B: 3.1 Stolen Bases: 8+ Corner Infielders D

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